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See What People Are Saying…

I have worked with Liza several times. She knows how to immediately tap into what is important  in, and at, the moment. I love the fact that I am able to check in with her as needed and that she works on a sliding scale. Her intuitive readings have been spot on!          AGM- Massachusetts

I have known Liza for many years. Words aren’t enough to express what a kind, caring and thoughtful human being she is. What stands out most in my mind is when I lost my two girls Jill and Colby stillborn. Most people around me would tiptoe like it never happened but not Liza. Liza kept the memory alive just by mentioning she went to visit them at the grave or letting me know that they are always with me. Liza has a special gift of letting you feel that there is more that our existence than just this immediate life.   CH- Massachusetts

So I saw this ad on Facebook and figured I’d give it a try because I’m trying to connect with my higher self and I needed some sort of insight of “am I going the right path or not?” Liza is absolutely amazing! The things this woman was telling me gave me the chills. Go to her site and get a free 20 minute reading! I’ll definitely be going to see her in the future for more insight.  B.C- Massachusetts

Liza and I had the opportunity to be paired up several times during a Psychosynthesis training program and it was always a pleasure for me. Liza is a kind and compassionate soul with great intuitive insight and a gift for probing beyond the surface. She gently guides her clients to delve deeper to navigate their own psyches in order to discover those blocks which may be holding them back. If you are hoping to make some changes and find yourself stuck , I believe Liza will be able to help guide you in new directions and toward growth.
S.W- Texas

It was great speaking with you. I instantly felt a positive vibe. I would love to chat and use your help / guidance and intuition moving forward.
Thanks again. It was great talking with you Liza!! Very positive energy, insightful and spot on with our conversation. Thank you!!! Look forward to talking again soon!
Toni S- Massachusetts

Too often “anthroposophists” are dogmatists and live into Steiner’s work only with theirthinking, unless they are practitioners in Waldorf teaching, an art form, biodynamic farming,medicine, mathematics, etc. For Liza encountering Steiner’s indications seems to be a fullsoul experience and a very personal one at that. I believe hers is the only kind of approachthat Dr. Steiner hoped to evoke – one that is transformative.

Bill Kelly