Meditation and Concentration


In the 60’s there was a generation inspired by peace and love and we want to bring that energy back. How can we learn to be our best selves and work together for the good of the planet?


“Now it’s up to us.”

  • What does this mean, in light of Rudolf Steiner’s writing on the Gospel of St. John and Liza Kendall’s reflections?
  • What can we do?
  • How does this book show the way?

Our books are about revisiting the vision of Rudolf Steiner with relatable writing for the 21st Century. Creator of the Waldorf schools and spiritual visionary of his time he inspired a generation of peace and love back in the 60’s and we want to bring that energy back. This book is an introduction, a taste of what is to come..

The global environment can survive only if we learn to live in peace and harmony with our fellow human beings. To achieve global peace, we must not only stop fighting each other but also stop destroying the natural world.” – Dr. Jane Goodall

What can WE do NOW collectively/together to bring this about?


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