Books by Eliza Joslin Kendall

Eliza J. Kendall’s books are based in the writings, lectures, and teachings of Rudolph Steiner. Eliza is also certified in Psychosynthesis life coaching-and is a spiritual healer and mentor.

Roberto Assagioli the founding father of Psychosynthesis psychology, stressed the importance of the human ‘impulse towards wholeness’ and of the longing and striving for a more authentic and truer experience of Self. And as that conscious connection to Self becomes more integrated, the relationship inevitably extends beyond the personal to a sense of connection and responsibility too and for the ‘greater whole’ – whether that is expressed in terms of the planet, our ecological footprint, community, our contribution to something of meaning or our interconnections with all things.

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, economist, esotericist, and claimed clairvoyant, (among many other things.)

Eliza J. Kendall is shares this knowledge and energy with the world through her books and and consultations it is not because she is so special or different, but because she knows how to tap in to what already exists in the universe the energies and connections to the spiritual world that are all around us which anyone can tap into if they really desire to, It is simply part of being human. Through knowledge and meditative training we all can develop our ability to experience the spiritual world, including the higher nature of oneself and others.


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