Meditation and Concentration Three Kinds of Psychic powers

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Steiner stated that a direct connection with the spiritual worlds can not be comprehended in our ordinary daily  waking states.This is because In our waking states we make use of our physical bodies in order to connect to that of our physical worlds.  What about when we are sleeping?


[Keyed to page 3, of  “Meditation and Concentration Three Kinds of Psychic Powers [Simply Steiner an Introduction, in the “Simply Steiner Series]

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Penetrating the Spiritual World Behind the Sense World

How are we able to penetrate the spiritual worlds behind that of our senses our sense worlds?

In answer to this question; we are all able to  learn how to use our inner forces and capacities in order to  penetrate into that of the spiritual worlds. Having stated that, how does this particular Gospel, The Gospel of St. John illuminate this for us??

[Keyed to chapter 1 of Book 1 in the “Simply Steiner” Series,  in The Gospel of St. John]

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