See How You Shine

Life Coach Lisa Kendall is based on Cape Cod

My Coaching offers both intuitive/spiritual coaching, through the teaching and mentoring of esoteric Healing. What is Esoteric Healing? Esoteric means “hidden, meant to be found.” This is true of the energy field which flows through and around each one of us. … So then, a definition of Esoteric Healing is that Esoteric Healing is the science of healing through the energy field utilizing spiritual healing principles.Synthesis Coaching is a co-created process of uncovering and using the energies of our essential selves to manifest our life purpose, make healthy choices, create goals, and manifest our dreams. It can be used for both career and business as well as personal/couple/family relationships. For those seeking knowledge of the higher worlds and a unity with spirit I would be honored to be your coach and mentor. I am also the author of the “Simply Steiner Series” based on the lectures and teachings of Rudolf Steiner (debuting in 2020). Personal and group coaching available.

As an intuitive with extensive life experience, along with professional training,  I understand what it is like to be human and the many life challenges and obstacles that may lie in the way of our own personal growth and dreams. If you ever have asked yourself the question “I know I am here for a reason, but as far as why I do not know” I would be honored to be your coach and mentor.

I will coach you in person, email, by telephone, or Skype (or similar).  I work for $100  an hour and will also work in 15 minute increments as well as by email. Package deals are also available. Once you are engaged as a regular client I will always be available for brief check-ins and brief online communications in times where support is needed.

Cape Cod Life Coach Eliza J. Kendall is a certified transformational life coach offering intuitive spiritual life coaching and esoteric healing/self healing,  as well as mediation and conflict resolution. Eliza J. Kendall is the author of the “Simply Steiner” Book Series based on the lectures and writings of Rudolf Steiner and her services include spiritual healing and personal mentoring for those who are interested in seeking knowledge of the higher worlds and unity with spirit..The first book in the series is the Gospel of St. John.