Eliza Joslin Kendall Photo
Eliza Joslin Kendall

& Grief Educator

Eliza Joslin Kendall

BS/BA – Business Administration

Certified Transformational Life Coach

Certified in Mediation

Certified in Energy Healing

Certified Grief Educator

Author of The “SIMPLY STEINER” Book Series

Eliza’s Areas of Specialty:

Intuitive/Spiritual Life Coaching
Self Healing/Mentorships
Grief and Loss

Discovery of Higher Purpose
Positive Goal Setting
Mediation and Conflict Resolution​

Simply Steiner Series
Book 1 in the “Simply Steiner” Series
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Eliza J. Kendall, is your spiritual life coach on Cape Cod and beyond. Her Coaching offers both intuitive and spiritual coaching  She is also a certified transformational life coach as well as energy healing specializing in  helping individuals  to find their life purpose, and fulfill their dreams through the use of personal empowerment, motivation, visualization, healthy decision making and accountability through a therapeutic model designed to include all aspects of the personality, combining psychological and spiritual concerns in a creative approach to personal growth,

For those seeking spirit…  In each one of us there lies dormant the capability of which to acquire for ourselves  knowledge of the higher worlds.This knowledge is no more of a secret for the average human being than reading or writing is a secret for those who have never learned it. I would be honored to be your mentor/coach